Sample Thesis Paper Topics in Education

Most education institutions offer intellectual knowledge as well as skill-building opportunities for students. Your writing and research skills are developed when it is time for you to write your master’s thesis. Thesis writing topic is usually not given much attention by the teacher at first; therefore, you may have learned about it at the final stages of your education. Such last-minute tasks that you have no idea of can make you panic and become stressed; however, that should not be the case. If you have ever wondered how to start writing a thesis paper, such article is where you will get all the thesis writing help you need. Such an article aims to provide master thesis help by providing the master thesis topic suggestions to choose from or give you an idea of a topic to write on.

Some of the master thesis topic suggestions that will ensure good grades and acquiring of the necessary skills in thesis paper writing are listed below.

  1. A comparative analysis of the education system between developing and developed economies of the world
  2. Effectiveness of standardized tests in the assessment of the academic performance of students
  3. The impact of economic failures on the education systems
  4. The effectiveness of year-round schooling on the development of children
  5. The effectiveness of private schools over public schools
  6. Impact of bullying and other unhealthy behaviors in class on education quality
  7. Effect of career development programs on education performance of students
  8. Do grades matter anymore in the current education system?
  9. Advantages and disadvantages of commercialization of education
  10. The effectiveness of pre-school education in preparing children for social situations
  11. Comparison of education in same-sex schools and mixed-sex schools
  12. The controversy existing between religious beliefs of students and study materials/ course content
  13. The impact of educational discrimination on the future of affected students
  14. Effect of exercises on the learning and performance of students in elementary schools
  15. Handling the shortage of teachers in public schools
  16. Effects of religious education on tolerance along religious and race lines
  17. The impact of homeschooling on the behavior of children
  18. Investigating the effects of involving students in a public school in the planning of meals
  19. How to address information overload in modern education systems
  20. Impact of school violence on the mental well-being of students
  21. The efficacy of the standardized tests on measuring the varied skill levels of students
  22. Importance of unification of policies in special education
  23. The effects of programs on character education on relationships between students
  24. How to promote the safe use of the Internet to promote learning and mental development
  25. The role of apprenticeship in education systems development
  26. The effectiveness of educational games on learning
  27. Effects of food on the learning abilities of a student
  28. The impact of virtual reality education on classroom learning
  29. Contributing factors to parents opting for homeschool and the impending possibility of closure of public schools
  30. Effects of negative parental attitude on school procedures and learning processes


Research topics in education are many and cover vast areas of education. The selection of a good topic will increase the chances of you submitting a perfect thesis for masters in education. You may seek help writing a thesis paper, but you will lose out on the level of satisfaction and pride in your work if someone else writes your project. The suggestions of topics provided in the article are meant to give you ideas about your master’s thesis. The suggestions are intended to provide inspiration to promote the completion of your thesis paper. It is essential to ensure even with the suggested topics that you use the relevant resource material in your research and present your argument well in your paper. Use the proper formatting and citation styles in your writing. Follow every instruction provided by your supervisor or institution to ensure your master’s thesis is impressive and get graded the best.

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